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Check out two ways to make pancakes – the Lazy Cook way and the Crazy Cook way!  As Julia would say: Bon Appetit!

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Who’s Cooking?

Michael Pollan’s very thought-provoking article in the Aug. 2 Sunday New York Times Magazine  has made me think.  A lot.  And, I know my colleague, the Lazy Cook, will scoff at this (well, not really because she knows me!), but contrary to Pollan’s overall point of view,  I AM cooking!  I relish my time in the kitchen and I DO get inspired by watching the Food Network, PBS food shows and countless food magazines.  (Confession: I subscribe to and read Gourmet, Fine Cooking, Food & Wine, Saveur and Bon Appetit.  I know – sick, but I am what I am – a foodie.)  

When I read Pollan’s story, I just kept thinking, “Wait – I cook!  And I cook now more than ever before!  And sometimes I see Anne  Burrell or Ina Garten make something tantalizing and I literally go get the ingredientss and recreate it!”  (Yes!  I think with exclamation points! )

Now I know: I’m not everybody, nor is everybody me (that would be scary).  But I’m now very curious about this whole idea that cooking is on the wan, while cooking shows are hot, tickets to food festivals are $100 and up,chefs have risen to celebrity status and culinary school enrollment is up.  My point of view: yes, cooking did die off in recent years due to multiple factors, but with the current economic situation, I am eager to have a crystal ball into the future.   Will our will or necessity to save money (i.e. fewer meals out) be shown to have driven us BACK to cooking?  Will our communal stress about the economy be shown to have created a new trend of community, togetherness, breaking bread together, so to speak, at each other’s homes? 

I welcome comments.  The Crazy Cook here is currently contemplating a number of grilled delicacies, gazpacho, chorizo-stuffed Beefsteak tomatoes and cucumber-red onion salad (and a pie, of course – God, I love making pie) for my next summer dinner party.  Bringing people together with great food and wine will always be one of my passions, whatever the situation.  It’s just too much fun, too gratifying, too soul-stirring to ever contemplate giving up!

What do you think?

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