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The Challenge was issued: make something delicious with canned food in the office kitchen.  That’s right folks: no Cuisinart, no stove top, no  mixer, no blender. Only a microwave, a toaster oven and whatever supplies I could lug from our Lazy Cook Crazy Cook headquarters kitchen. We both stepped up to the plate.  I can’t lie – the Lazy Cook’s microwave casserole was, uh, how shall I say this?  It was less than mouth-watering to look at.  But she’s lazy, whatta ya want?  Watch the magic unfold and let us know what you think!


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The Lazy Cook and Crazy Cook hammed it up over the holidays, with two tantalizing takes on left-over Kentucky Legend ham.  While the Lazy Cook did put whole slices of ham into the blender – yes, she did – the Crazy Cook admits that her split pea and ham soup was not bad at all!  The Crazy Cook had some fun with a festive frittata, featuring diced ham, sauteed red peppers and onion and a bit of cheese.  If you have some holiday ham in your fridge, put it to delicious use with one of these recipes!  And if you don’t – why not bake a whole or half ham just so you have left-overs?  There are endless outlets for it, from omelets to mac ‘n cheese to salads to sandwiches.  A very happy and “hammy” new year to you!

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